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Conventional Reflexology Treatment …  £30.00

(Treatments last just over one hour.  Hands or feet)

Specialised Reflexology Treatment  …  £30.00

(Sports, Universal Technique, Maternity, Cancer Care, hormone balancing technique, Lymphatic technique etc

Treatments last between 40 minutes and hour. 

Treatment time and treatment needs will be discussed prior to the treatment.)

Deluxe Reflexology Treatment   £40.00…. Save £5.00                              

(90 minute treatment)

Booking of six Reflexology Treatments  … £150.00                            

(Saving of £30.00-Full Fee to be paid in advance)

Reflexology for Children (under 16) … £20.00                        

(40 minute treatment)

Second Child …£15.00

(when two or more are treated at the same location / time)     

Reflexology Gift Card … £30.00                                         

(Standard Price, travel expenses may be added)

Reiki Healing Treatment …£25.00                                 

(1 hour Treatment)

Combined Reiki and Reflexology Treatment …£30.00   

(1 hour Treatment)

Deluxe Reiki Healing and Reflexology Treatment  …£40.00

(90 Minute Treatment)

Reiki Healing Gift Card   …£25.00                                                     

(Standard Price, travel expenses may be added)

Booking of six Reiki Healing Treatments    …£120.00          

(Saving of £30.00-Full Fee to be paid in advance)

Gift Vouchers are available- treat a friend or relative


We have vouchers you can post or purchase as a gift.  Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries Christmas or as a thank-you gift. 

Payment is required by cheque or cash at time of treatment.  Payment for block bookings is required in full in advance.

Mobile Service available, please note that travel costs are at the practitioner’s discretion but will be discussed with the patient prior to booking.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that any treatment cancelled within twenty four hours, of the appointment will incur a cancellation charge as follows:

 12-24 hours 50 % of the Treatment Price

 Less than 12 hours’ notice- 100% of the cost of treatment.

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Just a reminder that Reflexology is recognised as a Treatment for Sports Related Injuries.

You can now find me on Google Business. Just type in Reflexologist in Neath in the Maps section.

Reflexology in Action

Reflexology in Action

Reflexology in Action
Reflexology in Action
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Reflexology is a popular holistic treatment- the feet and hands are seen as “maps of the body”.  The areas are worked with the Reflexologist using thumbs and fingers to correct imbalances throughout the body.

Reflexology is good for stress relief, relaxation, strengthening the immune system, relieving joint and muscle aches and injuries, increasing energy, helping with hormone issues, releasing toxins in the body, and making the individual feel more balanced. 

Excellent for maintaining healthy immune system, and helping with aches and pains.

From £25.00 per session – treatments usually last just over one hour. 

Gift vouchers are also available. 

A Mobile service is available or at the  treatment room in the Neath Area.

About the Treatment

When receiving a reflexology treatment the Client will lie down on a Reflexology Chair, and remove their shoes and socks.

  • Universal Technique available, for emotional healing.
  • Endocrine Technique available for balancing the hormones.
  • Advanced Reflexology Technique available to deal with joint and muscle injuries and sports injuries.
  • Lymphatic technique available to help drain the lymph, and to detox the body.
  • Metamorphic technique available to relax the whole body and help let go of past issues.
  • Hand Reflexology also available.
  • A mixture of the different techniques mentioned above is available and will be discussed in the initial consultation.


Happy feet  🙂

For information on any of the above treatments please Ring and ask for Lindi on 07766762453 or for further information or email me on

 Reiki Healing

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word which means Universal Life Energy, an energy which surrounds us.

The method of receiving a Reiki treatment is a straightforward process.

The Client can either lie down or remain seated; whichever is the most comfortable for the individual.

There is no need to remove any clothing as Reiki will pass through anything.

The treatment is carried out by the Practitioner gently placing their hands non-intrusively in a sequence of positions which cover the whole body.

The whole person is treated and a full treatment usually takes approx 1 hour. Reiki is good for relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

For information on any of the above treatments please Ring and ask for Lindi on 07766762453 or for further information or email me on